Colorbond Steel Fencing

When it comes to steel fencing, quality matters. There are cheaper products on the market, but the quality is generally much lower. A fence is an important investment that will last for years, so it is never wise to cut corners. Doing so could cost you additional time and money down the road in terms of maintenance, repairs, and replacements.

Both sides of the fence look great, so they are perfect for a wide range of applications from residential to commercial properties. Unlike some other fences, these types of fencing do not have any vertical gaps, offering additional privacy and safety.

Posts are dug into the ground every 2.4 metres, so if there are any obstacles in the way such as plants or a tree stump these fences can be a more viable solution. In these situations, colorbond is usually a cheaper option as it cuts down on much of the labour costs compared to the other common fence product in Western Australia; Hardiefence.

No matter what your personal tastes and no matter what colour your house is, there is an option that suits you. With 14 different colours available for selection. You will love the way your new fence compliments the rest of your home. Similarly, matching the fence to your landscape becomes effortless with this level of flexibility.

Whilst you can’t get two different colours on either side of the fence, you can mix and match the colours of the sheets, rails, and posts. Let your creativity run wild and design a beautiful colour combination that expresses your unique sense of style. We have worked with many clients to help them create a fully customised fence before, so do not hesitate to ask for suggestions.

Another benefit is that the material doesn’t rot or warp. This makes it effortless to maintain as all you have to do is wash it occasionally. Without the effects of warping and rotting, colorbond fences tend to last a long time, so you also won’t have to deal with expensive replacements down the road.

These fences do not even need to be repainted. You will love the convenience of this product. Watching for any build-up of soil and debris at the bottom of the fence is important as this can lead to damage and void any warranties supplied.

For your peace of mind, Bluescope Steel includes a ten year warranty on these fences. This includes the sheets, posts, and rails. If you ever have any issues, you won’t have to pay to fix the problem.

Many green projects use this brand because steel is environmentally friendly. It is completely recyclable and little waste is produced during the construction of modular style fencing. Additionally, the long lifecycle of steel means that it eliminates many of the products that would otherwise be used in maintenance, repairing and replacing.

Bluescope Steel is owned and operated in Australia. With this option, you will be protecting the environment and supporting local businesses at the same time. Working with local companies also offers additional environmental benefits by cutting down on transportation resources and waste.

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