Complete HardieFence Fencing Solutions

HardiFence, Hardi or previously known as super 6, is made of a compressed fibro cement product, and whilst many years ago commonly included asbestos, rest assured, that is no longer the case. When installed, it is put together with a unique interlocking system. Each sheet overlaps the previous one and clips to the next sheet and topped off with its Easilock capping system. The fence looks the exact same on both sides, and in most cases does not require any posts or rails. The post and rail option is used in situations where there is hard digging, or a number of obstructions on the fence line.

The sheets themselves are 2.4 metres long and buried 600 mm into the ground. A finished fence is 1.8 metres high. The product’s versatility means that it is ideal for a wide range of situations as long as there is good access, fairly level land, and minimal obstructions. If the land level difference is greater than 150 mm, then a retaining wall will be required.

With this product, you get several great benefits that many other fences can’t offer. For example, installations are resistant to dents. You won’t have to worry about it getting beat up and looking old. Similarly, you won’t have to worry about wasting your time and money on extra repairs and maintenance.

These fences are resistant to termites, rotting and rusting. Water damage can destroy many other fences and lead to annoying problems. The fences are so well built and sturdy that they are even resistant to fire. For all of these reasons, it is not surprising that this product offers an exceptional solution to your fencing needs.

Because it is buried 600 mm underground, you also won’t have to worry about unwanted animals getting onto your property. Do you or your neighbour have an inquisitive dog that loves to dig? You won’t have to worry that they will dig underneath or get out roaming the neighbourhood. It also stops those unwanted weeds, mulch or sand coming under the fence from the neighbours place!

This durable fencing product can be painted any colour, which gives you a great deal of freedom and flexibility. No matter what your favourite colour is, you can have it on your brand new fence. If your home is a unique colour or you would like to find something that perfectly complements your landscape design, you can find a design that fits your unique tastes.

This product is only available in Western Australia. It has been specifically engineered with durability, convenience, and style in mind. You can give your home a unique look that many others only dream about. This improves your property value, so installations are a wise financial investment as well.

We always visit the property to make sure we fully understand the project. This protects you, the consumer, by ensuring that you won’t have to pay additional fees after you have been quoted a price. Some contractors will quote you a price one day, then add to it during the project. Or worse, they will make huge sacrifices during the project and leave you with an inferior product.

If you want to learn more about getting a HardiFence in Perth, contact us today. Our franchise owners are highly knowledgeable about these fences, so we are happy to answer any questions or make recommendations based on your needs. We visit your property and give you a free, no obligation price quote.