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Jim’s Fencing has strong proven systems coupled with a brand that is recognized by 94% of Australian adults, giving your new business venture an enormous head start over all other competitors! Despite our success with over 180 Jim’s Fencing current operators and sub-contractors, we are still turning away thousands of customers per annum as we cannot service them.

Jim’s Fencing has featured many times on national television programs which include “Bright Ideas”, “Burkes backyard”, “Auction Squad”, “Better Homes and Gardens”, “Renovation Rescue” , “Domestic Blitz”, “DIY Rescue” along with a few others which has increased the nations awareness of this particular division of the Jim’s Group.

When you enter into the business we offer 8 weeks paid for training ($1,000 inclusive per week), so while learning the Jim’s Fencing system and how to build the many different styles of fences we build, you have the security of an income during your training before starting your business. Your support network is but just a phone call away. You not only have our qualified Trainers to assist, but your local Regional Franchise Owner is there to ensure that you become a successful business owner.

The above is also coupled with a $1,800.00 per week Work Availability Guarantee to give all new comers complete peace of mind when starting their new business with us.

One of the main reasons for people wishing to join Jim’s Fencing is to spend more time with your family. The other great reason is to take control of their destiny, both are achievable so long as you are prepared to put in the initial and ongoing effort required to earn these huge benefits to your personal circumstances.

Therefore, the need for motivated, hard working people with attention to detail and genuine customer service skills  exists. If this sounds like you, and would like to know more about  the potential and opportunities a fencing franchise in Perth can offer you, then call us today on 131 546 or complete this form . If you are looking for a profitable business for sale in Perth, Jim’s Fencing is the answer.