Full Range of Fencing Services Available

Do you need a new fence installed to increase security for your property? Are you looking for installations of glass fencing for your pool to meet regulations? Jim’s Fencing offers a full range of fencing solutions completed to high standards.

Our name is widely recognised in the industry with installations that are completed to high standards. We stand behind the work we provide and offer a nationwide guarantee for all services. This means you can get expect incredible value when you choose us.

Whether you need pool fencing for a residential property or security gates for a commercial establishment, we can help. We know what it takes to ensure every job is finished without any compromises on quality. All projects are completed to meet any requirements you have.

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Our Franchisees

Our franchisees come from different backgrounds and each has a diverse set of skills. With our network of skilled fencers we are able to offer a comprehensive range of services. Our professionals are extremely experienced and are members of MBAWA.

  • Colorbond: Colorbond from Bluescope Steel is incredibly durable with a wide range of applications. These steel fences are available in 14 different colours and provide additional security for your property. The fence comes with a ten year warranty on the sheets, posts, and rails.
  • Pool fences: Property owners are required by law to have an enclosure around their swimming pool. Our franchisees are available to install pool fencing that meet all regulations. Solutions are customised to meet exact requirements using quality products.
  • Glass fences: Glass fences offer a highly attractive finish without blocking your view. These can be installed on staircases or balconies. For these installations, we only use toughened glass that are built to meet strict standards.
  • Gates: Gates are essential for residential and commercial properties to increase security. A wide range of styles and size are available with different latching systems. We design and build according to exact specifications.
  • Wood fences: For property owners that want a more elegant solution, we offer installations of wood fences in jarrah, pine, and other options. These types of fences can easily be customised to meet your needs.
  • HardieFence: HardieFence is a system of interlocking sheets which create a secure fence without posts or rails. These installations offer a range of applications and are perfect for residential properties. The fences look identical on both sides and can be painted to any colour.

Not all of our franchisees offer the same services. Other styles of fencing that are available include PVC fencing, garrison fencing, retaining walls, modular walls, and more. Regardless of your requirements, we can find a professional to assist with your project.

Many of our franchisees are licensed to conduct removals of asbestos which is a dangerous material that poses serious health risks if breathed in. The material is now highly regulated by Safe Work Australia (SWA) and must be handled by qualified specialists according to strict safety and health regulations. Be sure to check for a valid license when hiring for asbestos removals for any contractor.

Jim’s Fencing has been around since 1997 and have continued to grow rapidly. By focusing exclusively on fencing, we have been able to create an expertise in building high quality fences and running a trustworthy fencing business. Our franchisees are fully qualified and experienced to deliver services to high standards.

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Jim’s Fencing delivers quality fencing solutions to exceptional standards. Whether you need an installation for a pool fence or security gate for a commercial property, we can help. Our franchisees are all members of the MBAWA as well as police cleared to guarantee the highest quality of craftsmanship.

Our franchisees also have current public liability insurance. In the unlikely event that your property is damaged during an installation, you will be fully covered. We are fully committed to delivering professional installations and exceptional services that are simply unmatched.

Use our online form to send us your inquiry today. We guarantee to call you back within 2 hours to schedule a time to quote your fencing or gate requirements. Be sure to include detailed information about what you are looking for so we can deliver a solution that meets your needs.

The franchisee we send may not necessarily be the closest to your location but is chosen on their skills and availability. Rest assured that the individual assigned to your job will ensure that any specific requirements are met. If the form is not working for any reason, you may call us directly on 1300 723 864.


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We are a father and son team who enjoy working with own hands and playing with tools…


Every fence, and site is different. I really enjoy using all my skills and knowledge to come up with the best solution for the client.


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With many years of experience, Dean will be able to come up with a solution to any of your fencing problems..


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